What is VoteMatch Europe?

Votematch Europe is a tool to inform citizens about elections for the European Parliament. It allows citizens to compare their national political choices with political parties in other European countries.

How are the VoteMatch Europe statements selected?

The participating local partners of the VoteMatch Europe project made a list of 16 statements, covering different subjects and issues. These statements are used in all local voting advice applications, together with local statements.

Why are not all countries available in VoteMatch Europe?

The VoteMatch Europe project is depending on local partners in the EU member states. Only the member states with participating partners are available in the VoteMatch Europe.

How does VoteMatch Europe handle privacy requirements?

VoteMatch Europe and its partners made a commitment to look carefully to privacy issues. The privacy statement of votematch.eu informs all users how we take care of user's privacy.

Who provided the funds for the project?

The main founding organisation, bpb, the German Federation for Civic Education, provided financial support. The Dutch partner ProDemos - House for Democracy and the Rule of Law contributed in project managment. The Goethe Institut provided the translations.

Is VoteMatch Europe a scientific tool?

The VoteMatch Europe informs citizens about elections for the European Parliament and shows programmatic differences betwee nthe contesting parties in different countries. It is not a scientific tool, the results that are shown should be considered as a suggestion for voters to start teir own research towards an informed vote.